California child suffers brain death after tonsillectomy

California child suffers brain death after tonsillectomy

Many people are aware that surgeries, even simple, common procedures, present certain risks to the patient. Complications can arise that doctors could not have expected, leading to permanent, even fatal damage.

Unfortunately, in many cases the complications could have been foreseen or avoided, either through more careful pre-operational work or through more attentive and diligent surgical practices.

According to the family of one little girl, it was the negligence of a hospital that left their daughter with a permanent brain injury. The 13-year-old girl was visiting an Oakland, California, hospital for a tonsillectomy. An adenoidectomy was performed at the same time; both procedures were intended to ease the girl's sleep apnea.

The health problems began after the surgery was completed. The girl began to spit up blood clots. Soon, she went into cardiac arrest. Hospital staff was able to revive her, but not before she suffered a severe brain damage. Left too long without oxygen, the girl had suffered brain death. The hospital is now asking the child's family to take her off of life support, a decision that the family intends to defer, at least through the holidays.

The child's family blames the Oakland hospital for the child's condition. The hospital released a statement saying they will investigate the incident.

When a doctor's negligence leads to surgical errors, a personal injury lawsuit often comes afterward. This lawsuit generally seeks to reimburse the victim or his or her family for the medical bills, expenses and emotional distress they have suffered as a result of a doctor's error.

Source: Liberty Voice, "Brain Death for Teen Girl After Tonsillectomy" Juana Poareo, Dec. 16, 2013


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