L.A. Doctors and Emergency Rooms Treating More E-Scooter Accident Victims, Severe 受伤

L.A. Doctors and Emergency Rooms Treating More E-Scooter Accident Victims, Severe 受伤

Physicians and emergency rooms across the country are seeing an increase in patients with serious injuries caused by electric 摩托车事故. In 洛杉矶, where rental e-scooters from companies like Bird, Lime, Skip, and other scooter startups have appeared in increasing numbers, 摩托车事故急剧增加. 尽管沉船数量增加, scooter companies are still striking profits, and advocates are still 推动更好的安全法规.

While most cities have yet to publish statistics on the scope of scooter accidents, local health care providers are noting a clear increase in the number of patients they treat for injuries sustained in incidents 涉及共享e-scooters. 例如:

  • Emergency room physicians at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center have been treating more patients with scooter-related injuries over the past 一年. Since e-scooters arrived in the Westwood / UCLA area in January, they’ve also seen an increase in more severe injuries. 从 beginning of June to mid-November alone, the ER department recorded more 超过200起摩托车相关的伤害.
  • At UCLA’s Nethercutt Emergency Center, providers have also seen a large number of patients injured in 摩托车事故. 很多这样的伤, they say, more closely resemble those associated with car accident victims.

这个趋势不仅仅局限于L.A.,要么. 在圣. 路易, several Washington University professors have encouraged the city’s Mayor to launch a scooter task force of physicians, police, and public health officials, local doctors confirmed that between August 6 and October 20, nearly 70 patients were treated for scooter injuries in emergency 部门单独. Those types of numbers are a significant concern, but they don’t seem to be sparking the types of responses advocates 相信是迫切需要的.


One of the most glaring concerns doctors have when it comes to 摩托车事故 受害者遭受的伤害类型是什么. 虽然一些事故 may involve minor injuries like scrapes or sprains, many others are suffering severe injuries that are more commonly associated with car and motorcycle 事故,包括:

While injury severity ranges from case to case, doctors note that many patients face significant pain and suffering, what can be extensive medical bills for surgical or dental procedures, and sometimes long-term challenges, including those created by brain injuries and post-concussive syndrome. Physicians also say speed has the largest impact on scooter injuries.

Many of the sharable e-scooters available throughout the 洛杉矶 area are powered by small motors which can allow riders to zip through public 道路和小路的时速可达每小时15英里. 加速度 can create an amount of energy and force that makes a smaller 5-6 foot 坠落更像是从20英尺或更高的地方坠落.

In an attempt to address some these and other risks, the L.A. 城县 voted in September to approve several regulations that specifically target e-scooters – including a 15 mph speed limit, rules to prevent riders from operating on walkways, and minimum commercial insurance coverage 要求公司. 然而,加州州长签署了一项新的加州法律 Jerry Brown taking effect in January will repeal helmet requirements for electric scooter riders 18 一年s of age or older, putting the responsibility 在当地城市通过并执行有关头盔的法律. 在最近的 City Council measure, scooter companies will be required to notify riders 头盔的适用法律依据其位置.

As many advocates note, the responsibility of safety may ultimately rest 关于电动滑板车公司本身. 在它们的快速增长和扩张中, many of these companies and startups have failed to adequately address safety issues concerning not only riders, but also pedestrians, bicyclists, 司机,以及其他与他们共享道路的人. 这是造成的 some companies to face lawsuits filed by injured victims, including a 集体诉讼 in 洛杉矶 that accused scooter startups of gross negligence, as well 协助和教唆人身攻击. 本案的原告要求这些公司赔偿 should have known their products posed significant safety risks and dangers of public nuisances, and taken more decisive steps to address them.

Still, safety supporters are hopeful that with greater awareness and more collaboration between scooter companies, health care providers, and local municipalities and lawmakers, the tide of rising 摩托车事故 and 伤害是可以制止的.

在摩托车事故中受伤? 碧人法律集团可以提供帮助.

Biren法律团体 is comprised of award-winning personal injury attorneys who have spent decades fighting on behalf of injured victims and families 遍布洛杉矶和南加州. 多年来,十大电子游艺平台首选法律 team has seen how new technologies and trends can lead to safety risks and serious injuries, and how corporations often fail to meet their obligations 维护客户和公众的安全.

Whether you or someone you love has been injured in a preventable electric scooter accident as a rider, pedestrian, cyclists, or vehicle occupant, our lawyers are available to review your case and explain your rights and options for seeking compensation through the personal injury claim 过程. 调用 (310) 896-4345 去了解我们如何能提供帮助. 磋商 是自由和保密的.



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