Rates of Maternal Death on the Rise in the U.S., But Not in Other Developed Nations

Rates of Maternal Death on the Rise in the U.S., But Not in Other Developed Nations

Modern medicine has progressed rapidly in recent years, 让医务人员能够治疗一系列曾经是毁灭性的疾病, and help more patients live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. While that is also the case when it comes to childbirth, recent investigations from NPR, ProPublica, the New York Times, and others are showing that the U.S. is falling short in protecting the lives of mothers during pregnancy, delivery, and shortly after birth.

As noted in an article from the New England Journal of Medicine, investigative journalists, including those behind NPR’s “Lost Mothers” series, 指出了美国一个严重的、经常被忽视的问题:美国的产妇死亡率.S. are on the rise. Here are a few key points that paint a better picture of the issue:

  • The U.S. 在发达世界中,产妇死亡率和与怀孕有关的死亡率是唯一在上升的国家吗.
  • Between 2000 and 2014, U.S. 美国疾病控制与预防中心(CDC)的数据显示,多达60%的孕产妇死亡是可以预防的.
  • The CDC reports that for each pregnant mother who dies, 还有大约70人患有危及生命的并发症. That equates to over 50,000 women annually, but some estimates suggest that number might even be higher.

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Maternal Death

专家将分娩引起的产妇死亡定义为涉及怀孕妇女的任何死亡, 或任何死亡:在分娩过程中发生的死亡(i.e. labor and delivery), 或在怀孕期间或一年内因怀孕相关并发症而死亡, a chain of events started by pregnancy, or an existing unrelated condition which is aggravated by pregnancy.

尽管任何孕产妇死亡背后都有个别的事实和情况, 研究和统计数据表明,有一些共同的潜在原因. In addition to common factors such as hemorrhaging, hypertension (high blood pressure), and blood clots, 最近的调查报告也指出了美国医疗服务提供者的不足之处. These include:

  • A lack of focus on mothers’ health -医疗专业人员开始关注确保新生儿安全和避免分娩伤害, 一些专家建议他们这样做以牺牲母亲的健康为代价. As NPR’s Lost Mothers series notes, 即使是有专门设施的医院和医疗设施,新生儿重症监护病房在处理产妇急诊方面也可能严重缺乏准备. 缺乏对母亲健康和安全的关注也有立法和政策根源, 州和联邦政府提供的所有妇幼保健资金中,只有大约6%用于改善母亲安全的问题. In the emerging field of maternal/fetal medicine, 由于缺乏监管,许多医疗专业人员成为专家,并在没有实习或在产房工作的情况下完成了培训. 这些类型的问题表明,门外汉和医学界都没有充分认识和解决产妇死亡率问题.
  • Lack of standardized practices -没有处理产妇紧急情况和促进母亲健康的标准化做法, 医院依靠大杂烩的规程来处理与怀孕和分娩相关的严重并发症, which can allow treatable problems to become lethal complications. Some organizations, 包括一个名为AIM(孕产妇健康创新联盟)的多学科医学协会,该协会创建了具体的最佳实践,专家认为所有护理孕妇和分娩的医院都应该实施.
  • Poor collaboration – Medicine is a field with many specialties and subspecialties; something that requires doctors and hospital to coordinate care among doctors, nurses, and administrative personnel. By employing what is known as a Maternal Health Compact, 医疗专业人员可以建立更好的合作关系,以确保关键信息, including information about maternal risks, are shared among all treating physicians and facilities. It would also promote a system of resource-sharing, 如果较小的设施可以求助于更容易获得跨学科专家和更多资源的大医院,可以就处理涉及母亲的紧急情况提供即时咨询, 或者更直接地将患有严重并发症的母亲送到有其情况所需资源的设施.
  • Poor emergency preparedness – Effectively dealing with emergencies, as with most things in and out of the medical field, requires preparedness. 专家指出,为孕妇提供护理的医院和医疗专业人员通过改进应急方案,提高了处理并发症和可能危及生命的事件的能力, regularly implementing training and simulated emergency programs, and building upon their staff’s ability to handle complications that, although less common, are higher risk and more likely to result in serious injuries or death.

Maternal Injuries, Death & Medical Malpractice

As a firm that handles personal injury and wrongful death cases, 我们Biren Law Group的团队知道,大多数人倾向于将分娩伤害与新生儿所遭受的伤害联系起来, such as oxygen deprivation and brain damage, fractures and bone breaks, cerebral palsy, and other types of injuries that can result from medical negligence. However, 伤害和非正常死亡诉讼还可用于帮助受害者和家庭在因护理不合格而造成母亲可预防的伤害或非正常死亡后寻求赔偿.


  • 剖腹产错误,包括延迟剖腹产和未能执行所需的剖腹产
  • Misdiagnosis and failures to diagnose serious pregnancy complications, such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes
  • 未能在怀孕、分娩和产后监测孕产妇健康
  • 未能妥善管理产妇健康状况、风险因素或紧急情况
  • Surgical and medication errors
  • Failures to treat or properly address infections

在涉及产妇伤害的案件中证明过错和责任可能是一项具有挑战性的任务, especially given the complex medical nature of these claims, the need for medical expert review and testimony, and the fact that hospitals, medical providers, 大型保险公司积极地否认或质疑责任, and pay victims as little as they can. 通过与可靠的十大电子游艺网站排行合作,比如位于洛杉矶的Biren Law Group团队, 受害者和家属可以更多地了解他们的权利和法律选择, 以及我们如何将我们几十年的集体经验运用到工作中,以追求他们应得的正义和补偿.

如果你想讨论洛杉矶或南加州周边地区的潜在人身伤害或非正常死亡案件, call (310) 896-4345 or contact us online for a FREE case evaluation.


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