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Frontal Lobe Injuries in 洛杉矶

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The frontal lobe, which manages voluntary movement, personality, and thought processes, is the most common area of the brain to suffer injury. 这 is the part of the brain that enables multi-tasking and other behaviors. Individuals who suffer from injury to the frontal lobe often experience a wide range of life-changing consequences, which can be disabling and 财务成本.

Victims of frontal lobe injury and other 脑损伤 should reach out to experienced legal representation in order to pursue compensation for such damages. At Biren法律团体, our attorneys work ceaselessly to pursue compensation for our clients who have sustained 严重伤害. 回来ed by more than 40 years of experience handling these types of cases, we have what it takes to recover positive results for you.

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Common Signs of 额叶损伤

Frontal lobe Injuries can happen many ways. The most common is trauma to 头部的前面. Oxygen deprivation is another common cause. 大脑 damage may also be caused by a phenomenon called contrecoup; where the brain ricochets off of one part of the skull and then impacts another 头骨的一部分.

You could be suffering from a frontal lobe injury if you’re experiencing:

  • Inability to multi-task
  • Inability to organize or perform basic work functions
  • Limited abstract thinking
  • 没有注意力
  • Loss of sense of humor
  • 损失的驱动
  • Difficulty complying with rules
  • 人格改变
  • 情绪波动
  • Simple motor function loss

If you have noticed any of the above signs or symptoms after an injury, seek help with a neurologist who specializes in dealing with frontal lobe Injuries. Neuropsychologists are able to test to see if you have suffered a traumatic brain injury to these areas of your brain and can provide more specialized treatment.

You don’t have to go through this time on your own! 十大电子游艺平台首选律师知道 leading medical specialists and other experts who can help you or your loved one on your road to recovery. Our main focus is to make sure you get the fair compensation you need to move forward with your life.

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