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Post-Concussion Syndrome

Your Legal Options After Suffering a Concussion

Post-concussive syndrome, or post-concussion syndrome, is one of the least understood aspects of mild traumatic 脑损伤. 这种情况最 often occurs in individuals who suffer a mild closed-head trauma in a 机动车事故,击中了他们的头 滑倒, or get into some other minor mishap. Biren法律团体's personal injury attorneys have focused on handling brain injury cases for more than three 几十年. We are well-versed in all types of injuries, including post-concussive syndrome, and can use our knowledge to help you pursue the compensation 你应得的.

Types of Symptoms to Look Out For

If you were diagnosed with a concussion and are still experiencing symptoms weeks later, you are likely suffering from post-concussive syndrome (PCS). In most cases, the symptoms of a concussion ease as the brain heals. 其他 times, the symptoms can persist for weeks or months afterward. 这个条件 is called post-concussion syndrome.

Common symptoms of post-concussive syndrome include:

  • 头疼
  • 记忆丧失
  • Difficulty multi-tasking
  • 焦虑
  • 易怒
  • 睡眠问题
  • 难以集中注意力
  • 乏力

Symptoms of a concussion usually resolve within 3-6 months. 其他时候, however, these symptoms can last much longer; even for life. 只有律师 experienced in handling these cases know how to persuade juries that these symptoms are residual effects of a 轻度closed-head损伤 and, therefore, the victim is entitled to compensation for them.

Ensuring You Obtain a Proper Diagnosis

Post-concussion syndrome can be frustrating for accident victims because the symptoms will often cause difficulty with work and basic day-to-day activities, but the condition can be difficult to diagnose. 的症状 are often vague and can be caused by other conditions, and there is no single test to detect the syndrome. Doctors diagnose the condition based largely on having a history of head injury and other symptoms and a physical exam.

At Biren法律团体, our team has experience working with clients suffering 从各种各样 脑损伤. Our experience has shown us that improper diagnosis can result in a failure to obtain appropriate treatment. It can also prevent a victim from obtaining full compensation for their injuries. We can connect you with medical experts to ensure you receive a full medical evaluation to determine whether or not your symptoms are a sign of post-concussive syndrome.

While you are receiving proper treatment for your symptoms, our brain injury lawyers will pursue craft a compelling claim for the fair compensation 你应得的. We have the experience and know how to effectively present 你的案子.

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